Text Box: Three Degrees Masonic Motorcycle Club

Virtue Unites...........Death Shall Not Separate

Grand Chapter of Tennessee Officers 2019


Grand Chapter President

Dutch Denker


Grand Chapter V.P.

Rob Woods


Grand Chapter Secretary / Treasurer

Lee Andy Mathis


Grand Chapter Master Sgt at Arms

Chris Sparks


2019 Appointed Grand Chapter Officers


Mike Bromley Sr. - Marshall

Don Betty - Chaplain

- 1st Sgt at Arms

- 2nd Sgt at Arms

Michael Deiter - Web Master

Travis Koch - Chief Aide

Joe Norton - Photographer

-----Events Committee-----

Chris Sparks

Travis Koch

Mike Carver

Rob Woods

-----Conduct Committee-----

Davy Ford PGCP

Lee Andy Mathis PGCP

Ronald Keck PGCP


2019 Grand Representatives


Chris Sparks - East Tennessee (Chapters 4,12)

Member of Chapter # 12


Mike Knox - Middle Tennessee (Chapters 6,9,10,14,16)

Member of Chapter # 16


Russell Manier - West Tennessee( Chapters 1,5,9)

Member of Chapter # 5


2019 Board of Directors


Chris Sparks, P.P. Chapter #12, Chairman of the Board

Richard Treftz, P.P Chapter #10

Russell Manier, P.P. Chapter #5

Mike Knox, P.P. Chapter #16

David Johnson, P.P. Chapter #16

Michael Deiter, P.P. Chapter #14