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Three Degrees Masonic Motorcycle Club (TDMMC) was established in 2006 in Dickson, TN. It consists of an International Chapter, TN Grand Chapter, subordinate chapters across the State of Tennessee and a IL Grand Chapter. TDMMC's main purpose is to promote Freemasonry in the motorcycling world and raise awareness of Masonic principles. It provides a wonderful outlet for Freemasons who enjoy riding. Although members wear identifiable "colors", TDMMC is not a 1% club and is only open to Master Masons in good standing. TDMMC operates in compliance with all codes and precepts of Freemasonry and falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the home state they are in. TDMMC also participates in benevolence work in cooperation with worthy charitable organizations across the state. If you are interested in joining the TDMMC or partnering for a charity event, leave us a note here in the guestbook and someone will contact you.



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